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Name:Harry Potter
Birthdate:Jul 31, 1980
Website:The Dreams Born, Fears Subside Saga

    Everyone knows, or should know, the story of Harry Potter’s life. At least, the story of his life until the age of 17.

    What most people don’t know is what came after.

the hunt;
    As one of the Ministry of Magic’s Aurors, Harry was tasked with hunting down the remaining Death Eaters. He tracked a dozen or so to Los Angeles, California, and with the help of Angel Investigations, was able to capture all but one: Lucius Malfoy.

    Lucius was not about to be handed to the Ministry, however. So he hired an assassin to get rid of Harry. That assassin happened to be Kindred, a member of Clan Gangrel, and of the Sabbat. Lucius made a fatal error in his dealings with the vampire Zechiel, however: he, a mortal, treated the Sabbat Kindred like a servant. Zechiel was not going to take that lying down; by some twisted form of logic, he decided to exact revenge on Lucius not by killing Harry, but by Embracing him instead.

among the Kindred;
    Thus Harry Potter joined the ranks of the Children of Caine. Mentored by the famed Gangrel Beckett, Harry left behind the community of Wizards and joined Beckett in unearthing Kindred Lore.

    It’s the year 2900 CE for Harry; he is now an Elder of 900 years of age, and just over a hundred years away from the next chapter of his destiny…

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